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Weeks like this one can’t end soon enough.  From start to finish, it was one where I wasn’t prepared for the start of Monday and I had something on the calendar each evening.  It was also one of those weeks where little things constantly went wrong.  I forgot my phone in my car on three separate occasions, my locker at the gym wouldn’t open, I left my running bag in the faculty room and didn’t realize it until the end of the school day, and I forgot my coffee and protein shake on my counter and had to go back home for it.  I swear, if my head wasn’t attached I would have lost that too.

On a positive note, Friday is finally here and I am really looking forward to the weekend.  Tonight we are going out with some friends, tomorrow I am planning a special birthday dinner party for my dad (more on that next week), and Sunday will be my total relaxation day.

So to wrap up the week on a high note, I rounded up a few things that I am either loving or coveting lately.

These mules, or something similar, are on my list for spring.  I remember having several pairs just like this one back in college.  It’s so funny how styles usually come back around.  I think they are the perfect transition shoe because winter toes are still covered, but the foot is exposed just a little bit.  Who is tired of boots yet?  I am!  Besides, Madewell craftsmanship is second to none and I am sure these are no different.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 8.08.44 PM

I’ve been a longtime fan of Emily A. Clark’s work and the room she is designing for her teenage daughter is on point.  Her incorporation of old and new is perfect and I’m loving the pink walls and statement art she chose for the space.  Check out her entire post here.  PS – she also found a great ceiling fan that is nowhere near hideous!

You can’t go wrong with velvet pillows with Greek key trim.  This little store on Easy has some really pretty ones and comes with stellar reviews.  I’m partial to the green!


I made a salad of mixed greens with green goddess dressing for our St. Patrick’s Day luncheon at school yesterday and a few people asked for the recipe.  I used this one by Simply Sated and it didn’t disappoint.  This dressing is light and refreshing.  Because the base is non-fat Greek yogurt and fresh herbs, it’s not your typical calorie-filled creamy dressing.  I decided to make a double batch since I’m serving a salad with my dad’s birthday meal this weekend.  Doubling the recipe yielded me two, medium sized mason jars filled to the top.   I also drizzled it over my chicken and roasted broccoli last night and it elevated my dinner to the next level.  So good!


Has anyone seen the movie “Call Me By Your Name?”  I’ve been dying to see if for a while now but over that time it’s gotten some mixed reviews.  Despite the lackluster comments from friends, I still want to check it out and now it’s on Netflix.  So why not?


All I have to say is thank goodness it’s Friday! xo

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