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Deck and Patio Refresh

Well, we had spring for a hot minute and now it’s back to winter temps and freezing winds and I’m really starting to think that Mother Nature is confused.  Despite this craziness, the weather hasn’t stopped me from thinking ahead to long summer nights outside with a glass of wine and flip flop season.

Because summer usually means outdoor living, in addition to the powder room, J’s back porch needs a refresh.


His back sliding glass door leads out to a large deck and a step down patio. Unfortunately it doesn’t get a lot of use during the summer because the deck is exposed to the hot sun all afternoon and into the evening.  Even dinners are challenging since it’s still steamy and bright.  Who wants to be sweating while eating?  Not me.  So we are going to start looking into a retractable awning.  I think an awning would be the easiest solution to the sun exposure without building a permanent roof.


He also has a stone patio that steps down from the deck.  A little TLC and a few strategically placed plants will up definitely help to elevate this space.  Maybe even a rug under the wrought iron table and another seating area too?


On the deck itself, he has this furniture set situated in the corner.  I gave it a good look recently and it is faded badly from the sun.  With much discoloration, I’m thinking a few coats of spray paint will do the trick, possibly in a differently color to break up all the brown.  The rug has faded over the winter, so a fresh rug will be the final touch depending on the route taken with the awning.


This table is in good condition and I like the lines, but a few of the tiles need to be replaced.  They easily pop out and are standard 12×12″ tiles, so finding the right color and size shouldn’t be hard.  This piece will also be getting a few coats of spray paint as well.  Last year we purchased chairs for the table, but they are in the garage for winter storage.


All of this and some plants and flowers will make a total difference in the space.  I can’t wait to see it in the end and I will definitely keep you updated on our progress.

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