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foyer remix

There is nothing I love more than shopping my house [or J’s house in this case] to switch things around and make spaces look like new.  I call that zhushing and I love to zhush.

His front foyer already included this brown cabinet and silver mirror, so I looked around both of our homes and came up with a new vignette.  The green plant I purchased this past weekend at my favorite place ever and the planter was a Home Goods find.  I think I may have to steal it for a bit to put in my house!


The gold tray was from my closet, but the rest I found randomly in around his home.  The rocks symbolize their zodiac signs and I thought they would add a personal touch for the vignette. I picked them up at our local Christmas Tree Shop.


I love the white and gold planter so much.  It’s not waterproof, but a potted plant like this one fits nicely inside.  If you missed my little trick for using any vessel for a plant, you can see it here.  I felt this space needed to be brightened up with all of the brown, so the white is a nice balance.


It’s so funny…when his kids come home they notice all the little changes right away.  They especially liked the rocks.  How about you? Do you Zhush?

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