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The best piece of anxiety-controlling advice I ever learned

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A friend of mine recently introduced me to Lori Harder’s podcasts.  If you don’t know who she is, look her up.  Her podcasts are definitely worth a listen.  She’s a self made entrepreneur with a background in fitness and body building.  Her story is so motivating and most of her weekly messages are so inspiring.  Plus, I’ve been known to take a page or four of notes in my journal from her podcasts.

Honestly, years of therapy has been great and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I still go.   But for some reason, I really seem to resonate with most of her topics.  Ranging from anxiety to building self confidence to anything in-between, she covers all bases of life issues that real women face.  Her followers are known as her tribe, and she often talks about how we can build our own tribe of diligent, confident, self aware women. Sign me up for that!

During one of her episodes she mentioned this quote by Mooji.  “Feelings are visitors.  Let them come and go.”  It struck me.  It struck HARD.  I wrote it down in my journal and even highlighted it.  And since that day, when things get hard and my feelings out of whack….anxiety heightens, sadness creeps in, I remember that quote.  I say it to myself over and over again.  Feelings are just temporary.  They can be gone within an hour or a day.  They come and go like waves on a beach.  I’ve also learned from this simple quote not to react to situations immediately, but rather sit on them for a while, wait and reflect.  Most times I am thankful I did.

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