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The one hair accessory I keep seeing

Spring is in the air!  Nothing makes my mood dramatically increase than a warm, sunny spring day.  If I could bottle up sunny and 75 degrees, I would.  As we move into the new season, toes come out, floral dresses reappear and sweaters are tucked away.  It’s so liberating not to be bundled up from head to toe.  But as far as hair goes, there’s one hair accessory that I keep seeing this season.  Bobby pins.  All kinds….plain, jeweled, and various shades of metal.  They can be lined up in a row, criss-crossed or randomly scattered.  Plus, they are just enough to elevate any style, especially on those bad hair days. Take a look.


And here’s my take on the style.  I used these bobby pins that I found on Amazon.

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