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A Special Birthday Dinner

Last night I hosted a special dinner party to celebrate the birthdays of my mom and my aunt. I probably said this before, but they are sisters who were born on October 5th, five years apart. How weird is that? The story goes like this: my mom was having her 5th birthday party and my grandmother had to leave in the middle of it to have my aunt. The good thing was that my mom was too little to know where she was going. And apparently, my grandmother got to the hospital just in time. My aunt was beginning to make her appearance in the elevator!

Anyway, these are two very special people so I wanted to make this dinner extra special. In the fall, I always love to use warm colors and textures as my backdrop for any tablescape. Lots of creams and browns. Warm golds and soft plaids. Muted florals and fresh greenery and gourds. This combination just feels so cozy to me.

When creating a tablescape, I usually wait to see what the store has in stock to use as inspiration. Luckily, Lidl had these gorgeous roses and greenery. I divided them into white vases and scattered them down the runner. They were perfect for what I had in mind! Then, I threw some floating candles in regular drinking glasses. The candlelight was so pretty against the flowers. My napkins were a recent Target find. They are from Joanna Gaines' line and I love how soft they are. Plus, they are more brown and cream than the bright reds and oranges you may sometimes find in a tartan plaid. I love them!

The menu was filled with appetizers that others were bringing. I decided to make a German Sauerbraten roast with mashed potatoes to add to the vibe of the evening. If you have a Lidl near you, you MUST TRY their rosemary olive oil bread. It is to die for. Best bread I ever had and my family gobbles it down whenever I get it.

For the cake, I ordered a chocolate layered cake with cannoli filling from the grocery store. I asked them to just leave it plain - no colors, sprinkles, nothing. Just a "clean frost" as they call it. Since I am a sucker for fresh flowers on a cake, I added a few of the roses from the table with some sprigs of the greenery, as well as some sprinkles I had on hand. And I LOVE how it turned out. So simple, and I didn't even have to bake! :)

We did a little photo and the end of the evening. The lighting was terrible, but the memory will last forever!

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