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Kitchen: The Little Details + My Rug Dilemma

It's been almost a month since we got our kitchen chairs brought in from Greenwich, CT via Facebook Marketplace, and I still love them. After searching and searching for side chairs (we need 8!), I found these vintage, straight leg Chippendale style chairs for a steal. I mean, chairs are expensive if you are in the market and have been looking. Even if you buy them mass produced through popular decor sites, the prices are nuts. I know I spoke about them on Instagram a while back, but when I found these, I jumped at the chance.

But here's the thing. This space NEEDS to be broken up. There is way too much brown for my taste, and at this point...a lighter rug and new fabric are my options. I contemplated painting the chairs, but after running it through a design forum that I am a member of, the majority of designers said no to painting , but they mostly agreed that a new rug was a must.

Rugs are usually an easy fix. However, the only issue I have with a rug is that the chairs won't slide as easily. That, and the edges will come out slightly into the walking area. But in the end, I think it will add the texture and brightness that the space needs.

So here are two options that I am entertaining:

Via: Etsy

Via: Wayfair

The first one is your traditional natural fiber rug in a lighter color than the normal tan. The second one is more expensive, but I am drawn to it because it has some cotton in it and it won't be as scratchy. Sometimes natural fiber rugs can shed a little and be slightly rough under the feet.

As for the chairs, I am actively searching for fabric to recover them - probably in something with a crisp white background to really make the seats pop against the dark wood. I also have a few samples coming in that I ordered from Ballard. I love their fabrics by the yard because you can order performance-based styles that withhold the wrath of kids. So, stay tuned for that!

I'd love to hear your thoughts...what do you think of the rug? Do you think the lighter color on the floor will break up all of the darkness, or not? xo

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