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Quick Project Idea: Painting the Kitchen Tile Backsplash

I know I mentioned this project over on Instagram, and I even created some stories about it (saved under the KITCHEN icon), but I thought I would tell you a little bit about how we brought our tile backsplash to a more "neutral" life with just some primer and paint.

The kitchen is a room that we are ALWAYS in, so I wanted to do a few updates to make it feel more of my style. It was renovated about 7-8 years ago (pre-me) so it wasn't in need of anything major. The cabinets were painted an off-white with some distressing which I don't mind at all, and granite was added for counter space. Although the granite is not my thing, there are still some other projects around here that I want to do - so that stayed. What was left was the tile backsplash. Something had to be done in that area because it was all just a little too much. Here's a before picture of that backsplash, and as you can see, it competed against the colors in the granite and the whole vibe was very busy and very brown.

When I first ran the idea of painting the tile by my painter, he wasn't so sure. But after some research and inquiring with his suppliers, he found a product that was supposed to work very well. My painter used this product by INSL-X on the dry, clean tile to prime it. It's a high quality bonder/sealer that is supposed to adhere to most surfaces, including tile. Once dry, this primer can be painted over with almost any product. He primed the tile on a Monday and we purposely waited a few days to give it ample time to dry before doing two coats of Benjamin Moore's Elephant Tusk paint.

This project was done over two months ago, and so far, so good! I am a pretty clean cook, so the backsplash stays rather dirt and stain-free. But if I did get something on it, I would just take a damp sponge and wipe it off. I plan to stay away from harsh chemicals or abrasives for fear of wearing the paint off, but I really don't think that would happen anyway.

I also love how the original tile gives the backsplash texture and dimension.

As I said the future, I will write a post about the whole kitchen space....choosing paint colors, lighting furniture, and everything else I did in there when I do a full reveal. But for now....I thought it would be fun to tell you a little bit about this project and how big of an impact it really made for us! Enjoy! xo

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