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A few images to capture our beach trip…

Last week my family rented a home in Sandbridge, which is technically a part of Virginia Beach. Sandbridge is a sandy peninsula that juts southward, just below the hustle and bustle of Virginia Beach itself. It’s quiet, and you can choose to have minimal, to no contact with anyone else, which was perfect for us during COVID. Essentially, Sandbridge is the Outer Banks without the extra-long drive.

Our days were filled with divided time between the pool at the house and the ocean. And our nights were filled with happy hours, word games on the iPads, family bingo, word search contests, ice cream sundae making, and basketball. Here’s a few random images in black & white that I captured during the trip…

Word search contest courtesy of my parents. My mom saved the puzzles and mounted them on to cut-down presentation boards. My dad cut down pencils so everyone would have something to write with. The first one done got a prize!

Laser focus.

Our make shift bar was fully stocked.

Just another day on the beach!

The owner of the home did a nice job with decor and they even had a copy of Gray Malin’s book.

Another decor shot….

The picture doesn’t do this lotus garden justice. It can be seen on the way into Sandbridge. It’s called the Crezia Covington Reed Lotus Garden and it was dedicated in 1975 to her for her work in preserving the Native American Lotus.

Family bingo…always a hit with the kids!

Prizes leftover from the game we never got to play over the holidays. The unwrapping made it even funnier!

This beauty always catches my eye every year when I’m running. The black and white exterior is unique compared to the plethora of beachy colored homes.

A Manischewitz Elderberry (for the adults) and grape juice (for the kids) toast in honor of my grandfather’s 102nd birthday. We all miss him every day.

Basketball in the backyard for days….

Finally, we did another photo shoot with the talented Elizabeth Henson. More on this later…..

The best part was picking up a very excited Samson after a week of missing him to pieces.

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