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Our Weekend in Newport, RI

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

We just got back from a long weekend away in Newport, Rhode Island. Only about 4.5 hours away (give or take what traffic is like on that day), we spent a marvelous few days exploring this quant New England town on the Atlantic.

Exploring the Cliff Walk

The Cliff Walk is a path that lines the coast line of Rhode Island....ocean to one side and huge mansions with vast lawns on the other. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful this walk is. We ended up walking the path two days in row. It was a little chilly, but we dressed for it and went. Parts of the walk does have some rough terrain, but most of it is smooth and flat. It's definitely worth the trek. Both days, we logged over 10 miles each and we didn't even realize it.


Before our trip, I did some research of places to go and see. I received some awesome recommendations on Facebook, as well as from some friends. Here are a few places we LOVED!


First off, we loved the name of this place because our little Samson was named Diego when we brought him home from the breeder. That aside though, we had both drinks and then brunch the next day at this spot based on Bartender John's suggestions. It's settled right in the middle of Bowen's Wharf, so it's centrally located. Diego's specializes Mexican cuisine.

22 Bowen's Wine Bar and Grill

If you are looking for an upscale meal, that may include a steak and a nice glass of red, this is your place. I usually try to make reservations at one nice place wherever we go, and Bowen's was tremendous.

Rejects Beer Co.

If you are into beer, this was a fun place. John from Diego's sent us over there since their satellite restaurant is Reject's neighbor. J wanted to check out at least one brewery on our trip too. It was a cool place with a fun vibe!


If you want Italian food in Newport, this is your place. Holy cow, was it good! We started with the arancini balls and Caprese salad. Then we moved onto Chicken Parm and lasagna. It was so filling, but so so so yummy.

The Black Pearl

This was the coziest place! We only had a drink one afternoon at the bar, but I'd be totally down with having many meals in this place. It was super quaint and is the perfect spot to sit and have a drink and a bowl of soup on a cold day.

Other places we visited and loved:

Pour Judgement - more of a locals' bar, and so worth the visit! We had a few drinks here over the weekend.

Celtica Public House - literally around the corner from our hotel. Open late night, which is why we went there for a drink when we arrived the first night. No food served at the moment.

Corner House Inn Bed and Breakfast - amazing breakfast place, worth the line to get in!


The Breakers Mansion was definitely at the top of my list as a must-see on this trip. But seeing the mansion all decorated for the holidays was totally insane. They also had lights and lit-up decorations all around the lawn that you could explore, too. Here's a little photo dump of all of the rooms and trees and mantels all festive and adorned with lights.


I've been a longtime follower of this couple - Kiel James Patrick and his wife, Sarah. It was so fun to visit their stunning store and see them in person at the tree lighting, complete with their son and two cutie pie Goldens. I may have even brought home a gorgeous plaid flannel skirt from their store to wear for the holidays (and beyond).

The Breakers from the Cliff Walk (above)

Treelighting on Bowen's Wharf

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Nancy Cox
Nancy Cox
Apr 20, 2022

Thanks for sharing!


I really enjoyed looking at all your beautiful photographs and hearing your story about your recent trip to Newport! It sounds amazing!

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