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Favorite Things Party

On Friday night I hosted our second Favorite Things party with my gal pals from work. It was such a hit two years ago, we all knew we wanted a repeat.

Here's the gist - each person buys three of a favorite item and wraps them up. They should the same item, but colors, patterns, etc can be different. Price per item should be between $10 and $15. It should also remain a surprise.

The hostess places slips of paper out on a table with a basket. Each guest writes their name on three separate slips and places them in the basket. Then, at gift time, each person will select three names and their gifts will go to those chosen.

What were our gifts?

Lindsay - large matte claw clips because it is her go-to hair accessory and they are so fun! She wears them daily. The Pathology under eye patches are her favorite pick-me-up while she is getting ready or right before bed.

Meghan - Her Thrive Brilliant Eye Brightener didn't come in yet, so she gifted Press-N-Seal and Color Street Nails in the meantime. I was a winner of this and I am super excited since I am already a fan of the Thrive brand.

Stacy - Brooklyn Botany Coffee Body Scrub and her chocolate covered Oreos (which are amazing). She loves this scrub because it smells amazing, removes dead skin, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth! I was a winner of this and can't wait to try it!

Shannon - Her Cuddle Duds fleece blanket has all the comforts of being home and cozy! This was my third gift and it is to die for.

Kristin - Besides being with her amazing colleagues (us!!!), her favorite part of the day is cuddling under her Cuddle Duds sherpa blanket!

Kim - An accordion wallet that you can use in small purses. Bonus - it's theft proof. She also brought her fav earrings by sweet Nicole at Celia Rose Accessories. She can be found on Facebook!

Michelle - She brought the Morse Code "Bad Ass" bracelet because we are all bad ass women, according to her. We face the challenges at work daily and take care of our family and friends 24/7.

Trish - Because she loves drinks by the pool with these cups, she gifted three of the Vera Bradley tumblers. Plus, her favorite cozy socks - with lotion!

Melanie - She brought Vitabath green body wash because it smells clean and amazing!

Amy - She brought her favorite bottle of Prosecco, an insulated cup and candy.

Me - J Crew earrings (and jewelry for that matter) are my absolute favorite. I've been wearing their earrings for years and I love them. They can be dressed up or down, and they don't get all tangled up in the mask band behind the ear. I gave three different pairs, including these stars. I gave this $5 mascara from is amazing. The 213,000 reviews don't lie.

We took turns speaking into a "rose" as a microphone, explaining why the item(s) we brought is a favorite - without giving away what was inside the packages.

Everyone brought either an appetizer or dessert, and a bottle of wine. I made Swedish Meatballs in the crockpot and a baked brie with strawberry jam. I also provided each gal with a stemless wine glass, which they took home with some flowers in it as their favor.

We had SO MUCH FUN. The days leading up to the party are always exciting because everyone is talking about their gifts, without telling what they are. Can't wait for next year! xo

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