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A Peacock Inspired Birthday Dinner

My mom celebrated a birthday over the weekend, so I tried to make her day extra special.  On Saturday we went to Eddie Ross’s Style School and learned how to design pumpkins using upholstery tacks.  I don’t have enough words to express how much fun we had!

Then on Sunday night, I hosted a small birthday dinner for her and some friends and family.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but prior to designing a tablescape, I always find one piece de resistance as a jumping off point for the theme.  In this case, I found an amazing peacock feather wreath on the clearance rack at Michaels a few weeks ago.  The colors were vibrant and fall-like and so, so rich.


To elevate the wreath a bit, I simply placed it on top of a white cake pedestal and added some wild flowers in a white crock.  I also used varied sizes of mason jars for floral vases and scattered them around the center of the table.  Each guest was able to take one home, along with a ramekin of Snickerdoodle Cinnamon bread.


To assemble the rest of the table, I used a combination of gold and blue chargers with varied patterns of teal and gold napkins.  Each place setting had a gold bread plate and a peacock feather.  I love the shades of blue, green and gold all mixed together to create a soothing palate.


Take a look at some different views of the table…


For the menu, I scoured Pinterest for some new and exciting dishes.  Our kids have been asking for Beef Stroganoff for the longest time, so I decided to make that the main dish (with noodles, of course).  Here are the links for some of the menu items:

The chocolate cake was ordered from ShopRite.  It was soooooo good, and I would highly recommend it if you have a special chocolate lover in the house!

IMG_E3795 (1)
IMG_E3796 (1)

The charcuterie board with salt & pepper cashews, the pecans, and chocolate covered almonds.


Happy birthday, Mom!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Love you! xoxo

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