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Achieve the Style: Incorporating French Design, Plus my two crushes

Lately I’ve been really having a “thing” for French design. Anything from ornate molding on the walls to faux (or working) fireplaces in a room….I love it all. Unclear whether or not my obsession with Netflix’s “Emily in Paris” has anything to do with it, but when I think about it…everything I love in a room….neutral colors, a balance of history and modern, vintage pieces all can be found in French decor.

I challenge you to do a quick search on Pinterest and you will see what I mean.

And when I look closer at a few of my design crushes on Instagram, even they have influences from the French in their spaces as well. People like Josh Young and Paige Kontrafouris (who I purchased my wrought iron ottoman from through FB Marketplace) both have the pretty white walls, gorgeous molding, and ornate marble mantels all covered in both traditional and abstract art pieces. Josh Young is an artist himself, and I own a piece of his portrait art called The Kristin.

Check out their spaces below and you will see what I mean…

Lots of neutral colors, mainly black and white. Vintage pieces, a combination of abstract art with more traditional pieces like busts and gilded frames. And if I had to choose one style that I am constantly drawn to, it would be this.

So where does the Parisian/French part of this post come from? It’s all in the details. Unfussy styling, the molding on the white walls, lots of books and art pieces scattered about. Just like how the French women dress, put together, yet not.

And here is a small corner of our office…You can see Young’s art with my scored ottoman from Paige. You can also see my DIY plaster art, which I think looks pretty good in this grouping!

Can you keep a secret? J doesn’t know it yet, but I’m contemplating painting our office white. I can’t pinpoint what it is, but there is something missing and I think I may have “missed” on choosing the right paint color. Our office is north facing, which means it doesn’t receive a ton of natural light. And sometimes the blue looks almost grey and the lack of light makes it seem “dreary” at times. Does that make sense? It’s just paint after all, right? And in this room, technically it’s only three walls since the fourth consists of the built-ins.

It just dawned on me that I never did a true reveal of our foyer, but here’s a snapshot I took looking down the steps. We incorporated box molding to give that large wall some dimension.

I’m also searching for just the right faux marble mantle. I’m still not sure where it would go — either in the dining room (most likely) or in our bedroom when I finally decide which direction I want to go in there. But for now, it’s the thrill of the hunt and I enjoy that the most!

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