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Are you all about Hygge?

This past weekend I came across not one, but three articles talking about the Danish concept called “hygge.”  Pronounced “hoo-gah,” this word essentially means all things cozy and enjoying the simplest things in life.  Sign. Me. Up.  Where has hygge been all my life?

Hygge is all about mood and having a feeling of calmness, contentment, togetherness and warmth.  Some consider Denmark to be one of the happiest place to live and I can see why.  If the Danes practice hygge year round, who wouldn’t want to live there?

This was my state of hyyge last night for the taped version of The Bachelor.  And yes, that is a draft pool to pick which woman will win.  #imnotdoingtoowell


To further get in the hygge spirit, I rounded up a few images that make me feel a little extra comfy and cozy this time of the year.  My big sweatshirts, leggings, robe and fluffy socks rightfully fall into this category as well.

East coasters ~ enjoy the snow day!  Stay warm!

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