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Bar Cart Art

Lately I’ve had the urge to give my bar cart area a little love.  It sits in the corner of my dining room just to the left of the window and often times I feel that it looks so bare.  There is nothing hanging above the cart, just an empty wall, and my eye is constantly drawn to that barren space.  Design wise, my dining room is not where I want it to be…it’s still a work in progress.  And as you may know, after two and a half years I finally hung a chandelier in this room so there is definitely no rush.

Last month, I styled my bar cart two ways for Valentine’s Day and I stole art from other parts of the house to use as a backdrop.  I can’t keep robbing Peter to pay Paul, so now is the time to start my hunt.

The other day I brought a few Easter things out and decorated it for spring.  Sweet and  simple, but as you can see, a little pizzazz with something out of the box and unexpected is needed.


All that said, I want to start looking for something to hang permanently above it, possibly something quirky and conversation worthy.  My thoughts are that the piece needs to be neutral enough to carry me through all seasons of the year and have a touch of black in it to add some contrast.

To start my thinking process, I gathered up a few pictures for inspiration….


A gallery wall is a possibility, but there’s one in the next room and I don’t want the whole area to feel too picture heavy.


LOVE a quirky piece like this one….


Source from images above: The Hunted Interior

This one has a ton of color, but I’m thinking something more on the neutral side would be better for year round decor.


Source: Vogue

A mirror is another option, but I already have a bunch of them scattered about my home.


Possibly side by side art if I can’t find anything in the appropriate scale.


Source: Katie Kime

Another cool gallery wall example…


A piece of abstract art might do the trick.  Minted and Easy have many possibilities on that end.


I love the feeling of black in a piece to add some depth and contrast to the light colored cart.  Here’s another example of abstract but the art is leaning, not hung.


Vintage portraits always add an interesting twist to a modern home.


All of these images provide such great inspiration!

A while back one of my favorite bloggers [Kristin from Hunted Interior] featured the below portrait on her blog. It’s called the Kristin and I’m kind of digging her…

Kristin had the opportunity to work with the artist and the piece is named after her.  Here’s a little snippet written by Kristin about the artist and the thought behind the swath across the face.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 6.11.14 PM

Kristin, among other fabulous pieces, can be found on the Josh Young Design House website.  I love her colors and the details in her dress.  Her presence adds a sort of calm and ladylike feel.  At first I was’t sure what to think about the paint swiped across the face of the woman, but now I find it kind of intriguing after knowing the back story.

While looking with my daughter, we found another interesting print on Etsy and she INSISTS it looks just like me.  She even went as far as calling it creepy and is demanding me to order it.  While it most likely won’t go over the bar cart, I like the idea of incorporating it somewhere else in my home.

The picture on the right is me as a kid and it really is oddly similar.

In addition to websites, I am on the lookout for art pieces at my local Home Goods and thrift stores.  You never know what you can find when scouring those types of places.  I’ve scored some pretty cool wall decor while perusing, but I guess that’s part of the fun.  I’ll keep you posted if I find any good treasures!  Enjoy the weekend! xo

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