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bourbon-themed 50th birthday party

Ok, so summer flew and I’m looking at single digits before starting school.  How in the world did that happen?  Although there were zero posts on here, I was able to travel and do a few projects around the house so summer wasn’t wasted entirely.

This past weekend I threw J a 50th birthday party.  He did know the date and location, but I left the other details of the party a surprise…i.e. guests, decor, food, etc.  I went with the traditional black, white and gold theme for a half decade celebration, but I wanted to add some masculinity and personal touches as well.  For this, I incorporated bourbon bottles and favor bags, with brown wooden accents.  And God bless my friend who works in a bar for collecting the bottles and other fun pieces to add to the theme.

I also collected a few beer bottles to make this vase.  I love it!  Feel free to breeze through the plethora of photos of the night…


The favors were homemade chocolate covered pretzels in these bourbon bags.  Apparently they are used to crush ice (somehow), but I thought they were cute favor bags.


J’s parents helped me gather some old photos to hang.  To create this display, I found this old frame at the thrift store for four bucks, added eye hooks and tied some string across.  So easy and super cute!  I’m thinking of using it to display holiday cards this year.


The outside table donned these centerpieces. I found little vases from the dollar store that fit perfectly inside these booze boxes and just added fresh flowers.


How cute are these cake toppers that were a digital file from Etsy?  I just had to upload a photo and they were sent to me in a few hours.  Thank you to my mom for cutting most of them out!


For someone who doesn’t like a lot of attention drawn to him, I know he had a fun time socializing with some old high school and college buddies, family and friends.  xo

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