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Catching Up

Gosh, it’s been a hot minute since I last posted on here. I can’t pinpoint one reason or another why I haven’t written, but I just haven’t felt motivated or inspired. And I didn’t want to write any old thing just to have a post. That didn’t feel right either. So here I am, almost mid-summer, finally opening my blog and putting something out there.

My favorite spot with my buddy.

Despite the lack of posts, a lot is happening on my end.

My house. First and foremost, I’m selling my house and permanently moving into J’s. This has been a year in the making, but s**t’s getting real over here and it’s coming to fruition. Combining two already full households into one (with five children and a puppy) is no small feat, and I am so glad that I have the time to do it before going back to work in the fall. Donations, yard sales, Marketplace exchanges are currently my daily grind and I’ll be happy when it’s over. However, in the end, it will be so nice to all be in one place with everything organized and settled.

Home office / front foyer renovation. This has been in the making for MONTHS (like, before COVID hit), and I can see the end in sight. I have a few final touches to make, Roman shades to arrive and hang, and possibly reupholstering my leopard chairs, and I will post the final reveal soon. This project has been my biggest to date, and I am so happy with how it’s come together!

A glimpse of one wall!

Puppy. If you’ve seen any of my Facebook or Instagram posts, you most likely have seen our puppy, Samson. Words can’t express how much in love I am with him. Long story short, we went to meet the breeder on President’s Day to see the Cavapoo breed in action and Samson was there waiting to be adopted. At that time, he was almost four months so he was a little “older” than a puppy who needed to be weaned from his mama. The plan was to wait until summer to get a dog, but his little face changed our minds immediately. We knew we were having the office reno in the next few weeks, so the plan was to go back and get him two weeks later. I didn’t want him exposed to all the banging and noise at such a young and impressionable age. How bad could it be to get a puppy a few months earlier than expected? Well, it turned out to be the best decision ever because I worked one more week and then the world shut down due to COVID. I am a huge believer in timing and fate and what is meant to be will be, and I can honestly say that us getting Samson at that time was our destiny. He has been the best little guy and made the perfect addition to our family!

Design Class / Consultation Business Goal. This summer I am in the process of completing an interior design class through the New York Institute of Art and Design. It’s an online class that will earn me credentials in design and then I can take a test to become certified. Between the move and regular life, I am squeezing in the classwork among the chaos, but I’m excited to have some sort of certification under my belt. My goal is to complete this course and start an interior design consulting business on the side. I want to be able to help people do anything from choosing paint colors to reconfiguring a room to starting from scratch in a space and I’m so excited to get started!

My Summer Motivation. Finally, I’ll leave you with some summer design motivation that made my jaw drop to the floor. I love scouring other people’s projects and following along from start to finish, so here are a few of my favorites from the recent One Room Challenge reveals:

Kristin’s Foyer/Mudroom/Bathroom reveal. I mean, how brilliant of her to build her father’s bourbon closets into the wall? It makes me wish I had vintage cabinets like that! And the custom bookshelves using a very creative (and eye-pleasing) method are filed into the back on my head for future use. She knocked this area of her home out of the park. The best part? She used a lot of what she had on hand to pull it all together!

Alisa’s Bathroom Make-over. The before and after photos of this space are ridiculous. I’ve quickly developed a love for her style – traditional with modern twists and touches of brass, and her bathroom did not disappoint.

Cynthia’s Flower Shed. I’m a sucker for painting a shed black (I painted mine a few years ago), but her added magnolia swag and surrounding cutting garden are a gardener’s dream. Check out the before and after of this part of her home.

Happy 4th everyone! Stay safe and celebrate our amazing country! xo

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