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celebrating my dad

On Saturday I held a small dinner party for family in honor of my dad’s birthday.  Although I don’t get to do it too often, I love entertaining and pulling the whole process of a celebration together from start to finish.  Two personal touches I normally create for these occasions are individual menus and name cards for the place settings.  My family has become used to my ways and usually looks to see what I’ve created for each new party.

This time I stuck to a simple black and white theme with my Magnolia striped napkins from the holidays.  When I see something I love (like these), I pick up enough to host a large dinner party.  In this case, I bought twelve napkins all together.  For flowers, my favorite place was limited this week, so I ended up with a simple bouquet with oranges, whites, blues and greens.


J’s daughter got a letter board for Christmas and she was so sweet to create a sign for my dad.  We placed this on the bar for all to see.


We started with a veggie tray from my sister, shrimp and cocktail sauce from my aunt, and a meat and cheese plate created by me.


As a nod to St. Patrick’s Day I served Shepherd’s Pie for the meal.  Whenever I plan a dinner party, I do all of my prep before the guests arrive.  That way, I can enjoy myself with all of them and not be hiding out in the kitchen all night.  I used The Candid Appetite’s version and it did’t disappoint.  I was able to prepare two 9×13 pans in advance and heat them up when it was almost time to eat.  Note: this recipe did include two bottles of Guiness for a double recipe.  Because of the that, it did have a rich, beer taste.


My guy. xoxo


With nine adults and seven kids, it was a full house.  Everyone had a great time just sitting around and talking all night long.  That, in my opinion, is what life is all about.


Make it a great Monday!

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