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DIY Black & White Abstract Art

There’s been this space in our downstairs bathroom that has remained vacant because I just couldn’t find the right piece of art. Granted, our bathroom has been complete for a year now and I never did post it on here. And until I get decent photos of it (shooting small bathrooms in dim lighting with black walls is so hard!!), I’ll wait to post that reveal in the future.

But for now, I want to show you how I took an old piece of thrift store art and repurposed it to create a modern abstract that’s perfect for our space. ***Bonus: total cost = $9.00 total for paint and brushes!!

For the record, this old piece of art was literally IN the donation pile at Goodwill when I turned around and gave it one last look. The frame was in great shape and the size was perfect. Plus, I knew that there was already texture on the canvas from the existing paint. All of these factors were done for me and all I needed was some paint, paint tape and brushes to complete what I wanted. Why not grab it back and try my hand at painting?

I’ve been on the lookout for a good black and white abstract for a while now and coudln’t find what I wanted. Real acrylic paintings by artists can be sooooo expensive, while I also didn’t want just a print. I wanted something that would stand out, that was in a cool gold gilded frame, and had texture. So here we are, a win-win all around.

I am sure there are many ways to create something out of nothing, but here’s my way!

Said piece of art that had reached it’s expiration with me:

Paint and brushes that I used.

Make sure to tape the edges around the frame to prevent unwanted paint marks.

Give the art a base by painting it white. Side note: I started painting the background with the white acrylic paint, but I wasn’t gettting the coverage I wanted. I switched over to some leftover sample paint that I had on hand from our foyer and it worked perfectly. I did a double coat just to make sure it was fully white with no leftover remants of the old picture.

Before starting with the black paint, I did some research on Pinterest and to get an idea of how I wanted the lines to look. I’m no artist, so going about the painting with no plan could have been a disaster. Then, simply go to town and be creative. I kept having to tell myself that it didn’t need to be perfect.

Finally, I used a little gold Rub ‘N Buff to take out any imperfections on the frame. So easy!

That’s it!

A peak of the bathroom with the striped ceiling!

In the end, I LOVE how it turned out and I was quite impressed with myself…lol.

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