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DIY: Etched Wine Glasses

A week or so ago I posted about a friend’s birthday celebration and I mentioned that I created DIY etched wineglasses with each guest’s initial.  Well, they were a definite hit!  Not only did I have enough glasses for everyone, each glass served as the favor for them to take home.

A former student’s parent was gracious enough to use her Cricut machine to make the stencils for me.  (THANK YOU, Kelly!) She gave me both the stencil and the transfer paper.  I also bought wine glasses at the dollar store to use for this project.

For the process, I followed Jennifer Maker’s YouTube tutorial.  Watch this whole video until the end because she really does a great job explaining the process in a simple way.

The product she recommended was Armour Etch, which was available on Amazon.  I am sure local craft stores have it as well.  Note: make sure to use disposable gloves too!


Here’s the process in pictures, but as I said, I strongly recommend watching Jennifer’s video for all of the details.


For me, the trickiest part of the whole process was getting the stencil to lay flat around the letter.  Jennifer gives a few tips for this part in the video.


I added organza ribbon to the bottom of the glasses to jazz them up a bit.  They also served as indicators since we did have multiples of the same letter.


Super easy and much loved by my friends! xo

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