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DIY Skirted Table

As I continue to pull together the whole living room/foyer situation over here, it seems like I am continually changing things to get it just right. This past spring, I bought a dresser off of FB Marketplace to use in this area, but for some reason, I wasn’t feeling it once I got it home. The dresser is completely fine….right size, burl wood front drawers, etc, but it just needed “something” else and I couldn’t pinpoint what that was. As I did some more research, I started to see images of skirted tables and I was drawn to them. While purchasing one that is custom is pretty pricey on sites like Etsy and Ballard, I found some DIY versions on Pinterest that were perfect for what I wanted to do. Best of all, the final project was done in under $40.

To create my skirted table, I used this DIY No Sew Tutorial for my project, but there are many out there to check out. However the thing I loved about this particular one is the idea of no sewing while using fabric glue to pull it all together.

I chose to do a traditional white duck canvas fabric with black trim, but I think I may want try a pattern come fall. In my pictures, you can see how easily accessible the drawers are. Just flip up the flaps and you are golden!

Items I needed: Fabric, trim, fabric glue, wood top cut to size, fabric scissors, iron, ironing board, yard stick, pencil

Tips: You can go to your local Lowes or Home Depot and ask them to cut the piece of plywood needed for the table top to your exact measurements. They make the cuts right there! Also, purchase 2 bottles of fabric glue so you have enough. Fabric scissors are a great item to have on hand. I use mine for cutting ribbon all of the time!

Why add a skirted table to a room?

For me, the number one reason for adding this look to my foyer is that I love how the fabric softened the area. Besides that, skirted tables can be easily switched out as the seasons change and they are great for hidden storage. I also love how trims and embellishments can completely change the look while coordinating with your current decor. Plus, this project only took me a few hours total once I got going.

Access to the drawers…easy peasy!

Here are a few images of inspiration. Also, take a look at how versatile this concept is. It can be done on all types of tables with varying fabrics and trims. The possibilities are endless!

After I finished my version, I spotted this one from Ballard (which is no longer available). Looks a little similar?!?

One last look from above with my baby….

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