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Easter Bar Cart

Despite our fourth Nor’easter in a month, I am still thinking ahead to warmer temperatures and sandal weather.  It’s hard to believe that yesterday was the first day of spring since I’m looking outside my window to blustery snow and a winter wonderland.  Even the decor in my home has been switched out to display spring-like colors.  Gone are the tweedy pillows and heavy fur blankets.  Like I’m sure everyone else is feeling, I’m over winter.

With the change of the seasons and holidays, my bar cart also gets a new look.  I like that I am able to switch out the decor to go with the seasonal themes.  Recently I posted about my quest to find art for above my bar cart.  Although I am still searching, this time I shopped my home to find this abstract piece which I placed behind the cart give it a colorful backdrop.


Within this vignette, there are a few personal pieces that mean so much to me.   The bunny was given to me by mom years ago, 2001 to be exact.  She dates everything!  The bunny is simplistic enough to go with any decor and it makes an appearance every year.  The Pennsylvania cup is way older than me, and was given to me by my grandfather.  I think he had a set of four behind his bar, and each of the four granddaughters got one to remember him.


I love to add colorful cocktail napkins and paper straws on a bar cart.  Not only are they pretty, but useful.


Colorful coffee table books are a great way to add color and pattern to the lower level of a cart.  I also love to use wine glasses to hold bunches of flowers.  The stem of the glass provides height when they are tucked in the back of an arrangement.


I’m ready for spring, but Mother Nature says otherwise.  Enjoy your Wednesday!

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