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Front Foyer Gallery Wall

Last year I went to a warehouse sale and bought six huge frames that I knew would be perfect in our foyer.  Fast forward to last month’s photo shoot on the beach and I finally had the pretty pictures to put everything together.  The frames were a champagne color which blended right into the wall.  No good.  So I sprayed them a fresh white which popped against the darker wall hue.

Whenever I hang a gallery wall, I start out by tracing each piece on large paper and hanging them using painters tape.  This is a great way to get a good visual of the final product before putting any nails into the wall.  Plus, you are able to manipulate the items until you end up with something you really love.  In my opinion, this step is worth the time and effort.


Next, I went through our online photo gallery (Elizabeth Henson in Sandbridge, VA), chose the six pictures I wanted to display and ordered them on mpix.  Highly recommend them both!!  Here they are in the frames laying on the floor.


My rockstar dad came to help me hang them.  Let me say that it wasn’t the easiest job trying to get everything lined up perfectly, but he did it!  He’s the best!


I am in love with the final product!  I am thinking a bench of some sort needs to be below the photos.  Maybe?


A view looking back into the house…


This dresser and mirror are currently in the foyer as well.  The gallery wall was a start to this area of the house, but there are a few updates I would like to make eventually:

  1. New mirror and dresser

  2. Lighter paint color

  3. Stain/paint the railing and steps a darker color and install a runner.


I’d love to know what you think!  xo

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