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Holiday Front Porch (plus the magnolia branches I lugged all around NYC)

This past Saturday my daughter, mom and I ventured into NYC for the day.  We do this every Christmas season, making it a point to always see the tree at Rockefeller Center.  Plus, we usually try to to find a new place each time for lunch.


This time we went downtown for lunch and because of this, we found ourselves in the market at Union Square Park.  Located on the far corner was this little stand chock full of the best Christmas greenery I have ever seen!  I made a note to myself to spray J’s fall hydrangeas gold and use them dried for the holidays. They were selling bunches of them like crazy!  I also found these amazing magnolia branches.  I’ve admired them from afar the many lifestyle and designer bloggers that use magnolia leaves in their decor, but I can never find them around my neck of the woods.  So, since we were winding down our day, I decided to grab a bunch.  They made their way (walking) from downtown NYC to the 42nd Street parking garage without a hitch and I LOVE them!


Many asked what I was going to do with them, so here are a few pictures of the front planters.  The wreaths were from last year, but I filled the existing planters with greens from the tree, plus some other greens I picked up from my produce place.  The red bows from these wreaths added to the perfect final touch.


BTW, the couches are coming in on Friday, the rug is already spread out on the floor, and everything is coming together in the family room….all in time for me to enjoy after my surgery!  Have a great week!

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