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Home Office: Floor Installed

I thought I would write a quick post to give you an update on the home office and foyer remodel. I have to say, I am in love. Here’s my drawing that I doodled in my sketchbook. I knew I wanted a traditional black and white floor, however I definitely wanted some movement and texture. I also wanted to soften it a bit so I wanted to add some tan accents to break up the coolness of the black and white.

Here are a few snapshots of the floor and new french door.

Entering the office from the front foyer.

Close up of the floor in the morning light.

View from the dining room. The doors in the top right were made to fit the entrance into the room.

If you forgot what my inspiration board looked like, here is where we started.

All in all, everything is coming together as planned and we couldn’t be happier. Our contractors have been amazing, and the guy who shows up at our house each morning at 7:30am has got some major skills! As we make more progress, I will be sure fill you in! xoxo

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