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How I elevated the look of our college diplomas

We all know how much work it takes to earn that piece of paper that either hides away in a drawer somewhere or hangs in a tired frame that doesn’t do it justice. Four years of blood, sweat, and tears usually go into earning a degree, so why not show the world your accomplishment? I surprised J a few weeks ago and had both of our college diplomas framed in a more up-to-date, modern style that fits better with our new office decor.

In the past, I’ve seen MANY bloggers post about their experiences with Framebridge and I never took the plunge and ordered from them. For this project, I knew I wanted somewhat of a unique frame and I loved the look of the Williams Sonoma burl wood version. With that in mind, I did a little research and found Framebridge to be my best option.

Although framing these was not a low budget item, I felt the whole process was seamless from start to finish. I have to admit that I was a little nervous to send them BOTH of our diplomas, but based on my experience, I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was fast, and they alerted me every step of the way. The day they arrived in the mail, both frames were well-packaged and wrapped so nothing got damaged. Plus, they were so pretty!

Once I had my mind set on the frame, picking the matting was easy. His diploma is a creamy color, where mine is more white. Because of the difference, I thought black was my best bet. Plus, black just popped with the frames.

I am also loving how the frames were specifically made to the sizes of the diplomas. Mine is vertical and a little larger in scale compared to his smaller, horizontal version. The way that the varying sizes complement each other while hanging on the wall really makes that space extra special and interesting.

It was a win-win for us! I loved them and J was totally surpised to see his diploma in a new, stylish frame. Best part, they look great against the blue walls in our space.

Note: This post was not sponsored by any means. I’m just a girl passing along a positive experience to you.

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