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It’s the simple things ~ Fresh flowers

Sometimes even the simplest things can take ordinary life and elevate it into something better.  For me, a bouquet of fresh flowers makes all the difference.


Locally we have a produce and fresh flower market and they sell everything from veggies and fruits to all kinds of flowers including orchids and foliage.  Throughout the year they have seasonal items such as pumpkins and mums in the fall and greens for holiday decorating.  They also have an amazing selection of fresh cut flowers.  It’s a cash only place and super cheap.

One of my all time favorite things to do is to take a trip there on a weekend morning to see what they got in for the week.  Quoting Forest Gump, “it’s like a box of chocolate and you never know what you are going to get.”  There is something so relaxing and exciting [to me] about seeing all the buckets teeming with bright, beautiful flowers at the most amazing prices.  I love it!

photo copy 2.jpeg
photo-2 copy

I almost always have fresh flowers sitting on my dining room table.  For this week, I went with blush roses tinted with a touch of lime green.  I like the simplistic feeling of light colored flowers after the new year because they are a clean and fresh take after the holiday’s vast amounts of decorations and lights.


Like I said, sometimes the simplest things can brighten up an otherwise lack luster day.  An effortless bunch of flowers in a pretty vase might make all the difference.

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