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Man Cave | Basement Gallery Wall

Holy cow, do I love long weekends!  Today we have off in observance of President’s Day and boy, am I loving it.  I wish every work week could be four days.  Can you imagine all of the extra stuff we would get done with an extra day?!  Two days of the weekend to recover and have fun, and one additional day to get crap done.  Yep, that would totally work for me.

Speaking of weekend, yesterday J and I completed a little project in his basement that we’ve been meaning to conquer for a while.  About a month ago he began pulling out all of these cool pictures that he had hiding away in his closet.  They were images from his past…some Penn State and Paterno, some Eagles.  He’s a huge Hall and Oates fan, so there was a framed album from the group.  I told him to gather all that he had, even items he thought to be strange to include on the wall.  After some searching, he had a nice collection of unique items in all shapes and sizes.  To add some visual interest, I found an  aluminum B to be used as a center focal point.

As a reference, his basement is very long.  The space where the gallery wall was to be hung was behind an antique shuffle board table from his family.  That thing is enormous and we figured it to be around 18 feet.  It was also a little tricky to take photos in this space, but I think I captured it all.  Here’s the view from afar.


To start, we spread all of the items out on the table to get an initial visual of what it would look like.  I really need to see things in front of me before hanging anything up.  This also gave us an estimation on how much space the items will take up on the wall.


Next, I traced each item on paper and cut them out to size.  I really believe this step is important in getting the look you want.  All too often people begin the hanging process without planning it out and they end up with something unexpected in the end.  The extra time is worth it.  Trust me.


Once cut, I taped each paper on the wall where the actual item will be located.  The beauty of this step is that you can move around anything that may seem out of place, too high, too low, etc.  In this phase I moved around a few items to make sure it looked just right.


Most of the photos were rather easy to hang.  There were a few that required precise measuring, but my accountant assistant took care of that. 😉

I am so happy with the final product.  Everything ended up well-balanced and level!  There are even a few conversation pieces on the wall such as that wooden chicken bone plaque and an old Penn State notebook from the 20’s.


This shot really gives you an idea how long the area is and how much wall space we had to work with.


A view from behind the bar….


The best part is that J really seems to like it.  All of the photos and items included are things close to his heart, so I was really glad to give him a way to display some of the things he loves.  We also sent some photos to his kids and received positive comments from them too!


Make it a great Monday! xo

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