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managing mondays


I am pretty sure I am not alone when I say that heading back to work after a fun weekend is a struggle.  I like my job, don’t get me wrong, but Sunday night brings on that anxious feeling in my stomach.  In my head, I imagine how loooong it will take until the next weekend arrives.  I think about all the reading lessons I have to teach, miles I have to run, and lunches I have to pack before relaxing on Friday night.  Do you think this way too?

Even though the last few weeks we’ve had off days because of snow and/or holidays,  I’ve done a lot of thinking about the triggers that cause these feelings within me.  Basically it’s simple…the weekends are just so enjoyable that no workday can compare.  That, and I like to sleep in a little too.  Getting moving in the morning is not easy!

Now that we are (hopefully) back into the swing of things, I put together a few rituals that make Sunday heading into Monday just a little bit better…

Make a special Sunday night dinner – The last few months I’ve been trying to make a nice dinner on Sunday afternoon for us all to enjoy that evening.  I love the whole process: choosing what to make and preparing it while my people are hanging out and relaxing.  Last night I made Mimi’s Chicken and White Casserole and it was a good batch!  The fact that everyone else appreciates the dinners makes it even better!

Meal Prep – I will discuss what I do to meal prep in a future post, but having everything cooked and ready for the week reduces my anxiety about what to put in packed lunches and what to have for dinners.  I start making my list on the Friday before so by the time I am ready to hit to grocery store on Saturday, everything is written out and ready to go.  Sometimes I scour Pinterest for fun recipes to make, or sometimes I rely on old familiar favorites.

Plan my workouts – This may sound strange, but I usually look at the weather for the upcoming week and try to decide which days I will run outside and which I will go to classes, or both.  Having this schedule in the back of my head eases my stress about when to workout.  My daughter’s after school activities and any appointments scheduled  also play a part.  Depending how I feel as the week moves along, the plan could change slightly, but I’m ok with that.

Mid week date night – J and I are lucky enough to regularly have a night during the week where the kids are with their other parent.  Our date nights consist of watching that week’s episodes of “The Bachelor” and “This is Us.”  Speaking of “The Bachelor,” I lost in the draft pool we had going with another couple.  We met on the first night and drafted the women and my contender that went the furthest was Tia.  Now that The Bachelor is over and This is Us is ending the season this week, we need to find a new show to watch.

Plan future events – Whether it is a weekend getaway or a dinner with friends, I normally like to have plans to look forward to in the coming weeks or months.  I am running a race in DC at the end of April with a friend and we are going to see a concert in Philly at the end of May.  I know that’s a long way out, but I can’t wait to go!

Ease into your Monday – It’s so hard to workout bright and early on a Monday morning, but once I have it done, I know I have that whole evening to myself.  Or, sometimes I plan Monday to be my “off” day from training.  My daughter is always with me on Mondays, so I also try to have a dinner prepared for us to enjoy together.


I know the above are nothing earth shattering, but they are little tidbits that help get me through the anticipation and anxiety of the upcoming week.  If I feel prepared, then I am mentally and physically ready to tackle whatever comes my way on Monday morning.

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