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My newest find on Marketplace: Vintage Midcentury Modern club chairs

There’s this spot on the other side of the office that remains unfinished because I was having trouble coming up with something that flowed in the room. I did have my vintage MCM Broyhill Brasilia dresser on that wall, but I wasn’t quite sure what else I wanted. Since J and I spend so much time in this room, the kids are often found perched off to the side, just hanging out or talking to us, so I thought a pair of chairs might be a good idea.

Side note about the dresser: That particular piece I picked up over five years ago at a thrift shop because I LOVED the details. However, I was unaware of how coveted this line really was until I started searching on eBay. Currently, this exact dresser is being sold for $1,000+ and I can see why. The lines on it are amazing! Here’s the wall in question….plus the dresser and a cute little dog on the side (who looks half asleep)! Also note the Christmas stockings – I am getting a head start with having Samson’s stocking personalized with his name on it because I want to make sure it’s done in time for the holidays. 🙂

Surfing FB Marketplace is a very addicting habit of mine and I’m always on the lookout for unique pieces of furniture, cool mirrors, vintage art, etc. I’m also currently into the floral patterns that are making a comeback, the ones that some may call “granny chic,” and I wanted to try and experiment a little with this trend in the office. So, when I spotted these “like new” vintage MCM club chairs, I was drawn to them. At first, I wasn’t sure of the color or pattern, but the more I looked at them, the more I loved them. The woman was selling them locally, so I decided to make the short drive to take a look.

I know what you are most likely thinking. What in the heck are those? I am pretty sure that J and my mom were thinking the same exact thing when I sent them the pictures. But bear with me here…

I have always been in love with the colors of this room by Alisa. The blue walls matched with the gold/chartreuse curtains really make a wow statement and it drew me in. The wood tones and touches of brass took it even above and beyond.

So after spotting those chairs, I realized that I subconsciously matched them in my office based on my love for her room. I didn’t put two and two together at the time but finally made the connection a few days after getting them.

The only thing I want to change about the chairs is the painted wood. Someone made the very unwise decision to paint the wood this odd grey color. After a little research, I am going to use chalk paint to very carefully paint the wood either black or white. I think. I started testing the white as seen below. Also, notice the perfect fabric. There’s not a stain or tear to be seen.

Here’s a current view of the office so you can get a feel for the way they look right now. I have a feeling that once they are finished, they will be a hit. Or at least, I think so….

Stay tuned for the process….

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