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My Parents’ 50th Anniversary

50 years!! How can it be?!? But when I think about it, I’m nearing that milestone so I guess it’s true. Anyway, last night I held a small dinner party to celebrate my parents with family and special friends. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what I would do without them. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve especially come to really rely on them. My dad is my partner in crime with my home projects and my mom is my advice giver and best friend. So with COVID as active as ever, I thought a small dinner party would be nice to celebrate their special day.

Noreen and Dwayne were married on September 19, 1970 at Sacred Heart Church in Bethlehem Township. When looking through their wedding album, I felt my mom’s forward thinking in her wedding decor choices because she chose an untraditional navy and white with pops of light pink as her colors. She had fresh flowers on her cake rather than the bride/groom topper, and she had a single white dove on the front of each car. She later used one of these doves as a holiday tree topper for years!

Given how pretty everything seemed to be, I decided to use her theme as my inspiration for the table decor and flowers. So without including a ton of verbiage, I thought I would let the pictures speak for themselves.

I posted the above photo a few days ago on social media to showcase my vision for the entire event.

My friends Mario and Dave helped me assemble the menu stands. I purchased 1/2″ copper tubing and fittings from Home Depot and used scrap wood for the base. The cool thing, I can take them apart and use them again in the future!

To mimic the white doves, I picked up these faux white birds from Hobby Lobby and stuck a skewer in each to use as the stick.

I couldn’t find the exact runner I wanted, so I bought a yard of upholstery fabric, cut it in half, ironed and glued the edges under, and it created the table backdrop I needed for just a few dollars.

For favors, I purchased these wine tumblers from Amazon. Each adult used their own and was able to take it home with them. Plus I attached a name tag on each so we could keep track of which cup belonged to whom.

My version of a charcuterie tray!

To keep the toxins from getting into the cake, I used straws to surround the stems of each bloom. You can also use plastic wrap and straws to be extra safe.

My mom and my aunt!

The HAPPY couple!!! xoxoxo

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