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My thoughts on design

This morning I was on the treadmill listening to a podcast and they were talking about design trends for 2020. A trend is just that, something that moves in quickly, lasts for a little while, and then sails off into the sunset. I find that when I’m designing a room, I try stay away from too many trendy items in one space. I stick to neutral palates, pieces that I love, and build on basic details. Any of the trendy pieces I have are inexpensive items such as fun pillows or quirky elements from Home Goods or flea markets.

So after listening to this podcast, I thought it would be fun to give my take on some of the questions asked to the person they interviewed. I am not a designer, however I know what I love and what I have learned along the way.

What are some things that a person can do to instantly update a room?

New lamps/lighting. I usually get my lamps from places like Target or Home Goods. They have great pieces for a fraction of the cost. New lighting instantly “lights up the space” (no pun intended) and adds a new dynamic to any space.

Good, neutral carpet. Rugs are used so hard, so a good neutral sisal or jute rug is so durable and adds texture. Don’t forget, layering rugs over existing carpet is fun too! My favorite sources are and Home Goods.

Great piece of art. This can range from low to high, but a great piece of abstract art or something quirky from a flea market can add visual interest and drama to a space. Etsy and Minted are other excellent sources for art. Don’t be afraid to try your own hand at an abstract painting. You may be surprised to see what you end up with!

Large statement mirror. My love of mirrors, particularly vintage gold ones, runs deep. That’s probably my number one search on Facebook Marketplace. A large mirror can be leaned on a wall, hung behind a couch or along a dining room wall. Get one you love.

Solid dining room table. I never had a dining room table that I loved until I bought my house five years ago. All of the other tables I had came with the people I was with, and I hated every one of them. I finally got the one I wanted…a rustic table with square chunky legs and an imperfect top and I still love it.

Neutral couch/chairs. I will always preach this to anyone asking. There are so many options out there, and patterned couches are definitely “in” right now, but I still swear by a neutral couch. White gets dirty, but a tan/camel colored sofa that wears well is a great investment.

What makes a room more interesting, in my opinion…

A vintage (wooden) piece of furniture. I love an old piece mixed in with modern details. For me, I get a warm feeling when I see old and new mixed together. It’s visual interest to the max!

Mixed metals. Anything from picture frames, lamps, coffee table decor, etc. Mixing it all together gives a room dimension.

Unfussy curtains. Personally, I love all white/ivory curtains against a white/ivory wall with a black or gold rod. The curtains won’t take away from everything else in the room, but still adds to the walls of the space.

Warm neutrals, rather than stark whites. I can’t tell exactly what it is, but I am always drawn to a warmer white, rather than something bright and blinding. We are in the process of planning a home office renovation with built-ins and I’ve found that Benjamin Moore’s Simply White will be so good on the shelves. It’s the perfect mix of a warm white without being too yellow or too grey.

Trends moving out, in my opinion…

My thoughts on a few trends moving out…

Greys. Grey came in fast and furious, but I have been seeing more and more cream-based whites, rather than the cooler, grey-whites. I can’t say that I have ever been a true grey person, and I just prefer the warmer cousin (tans).

Moroccan trellis design. This pattern was allover the place. Rugs, art, curtains, etc. It was everywhere. Still is. But in my opinion, I think we will be moving away from the trellis to a more soothing design with texture.

Final thoughts….

Basically, it all comes down to what YOU love in YOUR house. Designers consistently try to bring in new ideas and new colors all of the time to change things up. If they didn’t, wouldn’t home decor be boring? Sage green was the rage in the early 2000’s and it is making a comeback now. Who would have thought? Bottom line, do what you love. Choose pieces that speak to you. Don’t just buy to buy. Shop around. Enjoy the hunt. Collect vintage pieces. Visit unexpected places. Collect items from vacations. The best rooms are put together piece by piece, rather than a “room to go” style.

I’ll leave you with this beautiful example of hunting down pieces by themselves, but coming together to create a stunning room.

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