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One table, Three ways

When I first moved into my home, I knew that there was a specific way the furniture had to be arranged to make the most out of my space. One of the first purchases I made was a tan sectional that has served me so well.  It’s neutral color is the perfect background for any color scheme I want to incorporate.  The other purchase I made shortly after the sofa was this coffee table.


Ideally it was made as an end table, but for what I needed, it was perfect.  And to top it off, it was a thrift store find.  The glass was in great condition and all it needed was a few coats of gold spray paint.  I love it and I don’t see me switching it out any time soon.  Bonus, everyone sitting around it has a spot for their wine [drink].

I am a huge fan of changing up my color scheme in my home regularly and the coffee table decor is no different.  So in honor of adding some color to an otherwise dull winter, I styled my coffee table three different ways.

One ~


Two ~


Three ~


Let’s talk about a few rules that I usually keep in mind when styling tables.

Trays. I always have some sort of a tray on my table.  As you will see, I have two hexagonal shaped trays in two different colors.  That specific shape works very well on this table.

Greens. Live or faux, greenery adds a layer of dimension and fresh take on a tabletop.  The orchid is faux, but the succulent is not.

Books. I love my coffee table books, especially the ones with the pretty covers.  They are the perfect layering piece for the lower shelf.  I’ve gotten a few as gifts, some I found at Home Goods, and others I have ordered.  I know they say to not judge a book by its cover, but in this case, I do.  Another tip – take a book and cover it [old school style] using pretty wrapping paper. This helps you further create the look you want and gives your table a personal touch.

Some of my favorite books to showcase are:

Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman (both of them)

Elements of Style by Erin Gray (her black and white striped spine is the best)

Domino books (both of them with covers that are so beautiful)

Allegra Hicks: An Eye for Design (another cover to die for)

Napkins.  This may be just me, but I like to have my little brass holder filled with colorful cocktail napkins year round.  Many of my dinners are eaten in this space, so having napkins readily available makes it extra functional.

Candles. I love a great candle. Usually I keep one burning on my stove, but once in a while I like to place one in the living room.  Candles especially add some atmosphere and pretty lighting.

Coasters. Wine glasses don’t necessarily need coasters, but other glasses do. So when I am not grabbing one of my cocktail napkins, I use my coasters.  The marble and gold set is an old Target find and my daughter and I made the lettered ones from a thrifted Scrabble game a few years back.

Funky accent piece. I love a good conversation piece on a coffee table.  Whether it is a thrifted wooden vase or a brass figurine, a fun object can bring a rather boring coffee table up a few notches.  I also keep a pretty deck of cards around for an impromptu game of solitaire.  These black and white ones I found a few years ago at the J. Crew outlet.

One Table, Three Ways: 

Vignette #1 was meant to be very simple and is currently the state of my coffee table now.  I like to start January with a fresh and clean slate and this style fit the bill.


Vignette #2 boosts a little more color with the orchid and a whimsical touch with the coasters.


Vignette #3 includes my favorite black and gold tray and that book cover/wrapping paper trick.


As you can see, my coffee table is not large so I can’t have oodles of items crowding the top.  Using my rules above and things I have around the house, I can easily intermix items and have a freshly styled coffee table all year round.  I hope this post inspires you to shop around your own home to create new coffee table vignettes in your space!

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