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Our First Project of 2020 ~ Home Office

I know everyone is recovering from Christmas and getting ready for the new year ahead and I’m no different.  That said, I’m so excited about our first project of the new year that I couldn’t wait to share!  I know I mentioned that we wanted to update the foyer and stairs, and that still is in the cards.  But this project goes hand in hand with what we want to do, so it will be a combination project….maybe a little bigger than anticipated.

First, here’s whats going on:  For all of the kids to be comfortable, we need an extra bedroom in the home.  To do this, we decided to turn J’s current office into an additional bedroom. But – he works from home so he definitely needs a space to take calls and work without noise and disruptions.  That said, our front living room is hardly used and it is a decent sized space, so my wheels got turning.  Why not turn that front “formal” living room into an office for both of us?

Because I love a good before and after, here’s a look at the front foyer and staircase that will get a little makeover as I wrote about in this post.


I also snapped a few shots of our current situation left undone.  As you can see, there is not much going on in this space AT ALL.  Mismatched furniture, lots of brown, unopened Christmas presents, my new ice cream maker, etc.  Kind of a mess.


Looking into the dining room with the existing french doors, which will stay.


Looking in from the dining room…


This project involves the stairs because we will need to close off this section of the railing so we can add a door for the privacy J needs.


Because I am a planner, I started to brainstorm what I would like this room to look like and I’m taking my inspiration from [Designer/Blogger] Rachel Parcell’s foyer.  My jaw dropped when I saw the reveal on her blog a few months back, and I especially can’t get the floor out of my mind.


The dark hardwood floors will stay in our foyer, but I am 99% sure the office will be tiled. I’ve always loved a good black and white floor, and I think this would add drama while still staying somewhat neutral.

So, here’s what my vision board looks today:

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 4.12.30 PM

White, double office with lot’s of built in bookshelves, file cabinets and storage, a fun floor, my vintage Broyhill Brasilia dresser, and possibly the walls painted in this pretty blue-grey shade by Benjamin Moore called Smoke.

I have been drafting images in my sketchbook and we started to meet with woodworkers and flooring specialists.  This will be my biggest project to date and I want it to be stylish, comfortable, functional and just right for the needs of our family.

Stay tuned for more updates and I hope you will follow along on this process!  xo

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