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Pillows on dining room chairs

Just popping in today to show you a fun trick that I use to add a little pizzazz to my dining room.  I love the look of adding throw pillows to the chairs, whether they are on all of them or just the end two.


photo copy

What’s better, is that places like Home Goods or TJ Maxx have many different styles and colors to choose from so your dining room doesn’t have to look the same from one month to the next.  These black and white ones are a fav of mine and are moved around my home all year round.  The floral ones are a new Home Good’s find.

Here are some other images of inspiration:


Photo credit: BG Promoters


Photo credit: Crazy Chic Design


Photo Credit

I also love the mix and match chairs/bench in the above image.  Curating the room in this way allows the home owner to make the most out of the space they have for their furniture.  What do you think?  Pillows or not?


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