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powder room brainstorming

I love my home and in my opinion, I still have much to do in terms of design, organizing and updating.  But, I also love helping others achieve their design goals too.  Enter my boyfriend’s powder room.


His downstairs powder room has all the basics…a builder grade mirror and common bathroom accessories.  It is also painted in a medium blue, which makes the space seem smaller and darker due to the lack of natural light.  And, the patch on the wall may possibly be from a friend’s mishap after a very fun night…..


It was very difficult to photograph the bathroom because of the camera angles and the light situation, but hopefully you can see what I have to work with here.


At first I thought paint for the walls, but after more investigation and research, he has given me the go ahead to try out the new removable wallpapers.  There are so many on the market these days and I especially love the fact that they are removable.  When I was a kid, I can remember my mom scrapping off old wallpaper in our kitchen and it’s not a great vision.  She had to work really hard in the removal process and I am not signing up for that anytime soon.  So in the end, this option suits me just fine.

A few thoughts for the space:

  1. He lives in his home with his four children: three active boys and one girl.

  2. The bathroom needs to be durable and have the strength to sustain the wrath of all the kids, their friends and his large family.

  3. Use lighter/brighter colors to make up for the light situation, especially on the upper half.

  4. The white pedestal sink will stay.

  5. Since a total of 4 boys do live in the home, incorporate a masculine touch while still maintaining good design.  Maybe adding a wooden element too?

  6. Find a good piece of art to pull everything together

  7. Add a new mirror, accessories, towels and likely new lighting.

Here are a few inspo images I rounded up to get us going in the right direction…

I really like this image by House and Home (source below).  The dark, painted molding on the lower half would withstand the traffic flow in this bathroom better than full wallpaper.


The next three images are all from Domino.  The last one is my all time favorite powder room ever, but the style will definitely be a solid “no” in this household.  It’s worth a try.


I LOVE the dark, moody floral print and brass details and I soooo want this room in my house!

Another option is grasscloth wallpaper.  I love this image by Style Me Pretty.


Or this one from the Orren Pickle Building Group via Houzz


This room will be a work in progress and these images are a good start.  The next step is to run them by him and gather his thoughts.  Stay tuned for updates and progress as we move along on this project!

What are your thoughts on removable wallpaper?  I’d love to hear your tips and thoughts!

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