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Project Update: Foyer and Office Remodel

It’s mid-January and we are moving along wth the plans for our upcoming office and front foyer remodel. As they say, all good things take time and permanent home projects are no different. So much goes into the planning and execution of a project and behind the scenes work can seem endless. Calls to the floor guy, meetings with the wood worker, paint colors, lighting, where will the outlets be, the list goes on and on. I am not going to lie, I am loving every part of the process. Not only am I learning a ton from the crew that I have brought together for this project (ie: floor guy, carpet guy, builder), but my mind is being challenged and creative juices are overflowing. It feels so good to exercise these parts of me that are not always used.

I recently wrote two posts talking about the projects and you can find them below. Both of these posts outline my thoughts for these spaces, but since publishing them, I made some changes.

Home Office

Above is the new and improved vision board for the office. I still am going with white built-ins and gold knobs, but the countertop color is still up in the air. I’m not sure if it will be painted white, black or stained brown.

Some other definite features of the room:

~ Long white (probably velvet) drapes with modern gold rods

~ My vintage Mid-Century Modern Broyhill Brasilia dresser will make an appearance for extra storage and added warmth

~ I am loving Benjamin Moore’s Smoke for the walls – it’s a smoky blue-grey, but not too bright.

~ Black and white tiles that look like marble (we are using porcelain) with small tan squares set on a diagonal.

~ Custom french doors to separate the office and the front foyer for privacy. These need to be made because the door frame is tall and narrow and I love the ones in the picture below, so I’m using them as my inspiration).

~ New chandelier like the one in the image. We will need to put in the electric for this on the ceiling. This room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, so this is a necessity since J will be working in this room all day (and I’m actually kind of jealous about that).

Foyer and Steps

Since we need to close in the wall coming down the stairs in order to put in the french doors, we will tackle the foyer as well. I have been seriously playing around with the vision board, and this is what I came up with:

~ White walls and new white picture frame molding going up the steps.

~ Paint the steps all white with a black railing.

~ Add a new mirror (this one from Ballard) behind the existing cabinet (which I may paint a light blush) to blend with our gallery wall.

~ A glam chandelier to balance everything and add some shimmer and shine!

~ A neutral patterned carpet to endure the wear and tear of seven people.

What’s Next?

This weekend we are finalizing plans for the tile and approving the final design for the built-ins. My guys (Mark and Nate) have been amazing and I would be willing to share out their information to local folks!

~ Test out blush paint swatches.

~ Look for lighting for the office built-ins.

~ Secure our painter for a few months out.

~ Choose carpet for the steps.

Time Frame

This is definitely a winter project, so I know in advance that it will take a little while. It can sometimes be hard to line up all of the contractors perfectly since they have other jobs they are doing too. My hope is that the entire project will be finished by end of March, beginning of April….just in time for warmer weather and then, summer vacation!

I hope you will follow me on this journey. As I said, I am learning a lot, more and more as I go, and I would be willing to share any tips or answer any questions you may have! xo

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