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spring’s straw bag frenzy

Come on, spring!  Get here already!  Last Friday we had a crazy storm that brought a ton of rain, high winds and then snow.  There were so many power outages and trees uprooted from the ground, and people around here are sick of the weather.  Now today we are expecting up to 16″ of snow.  Sometimes we see little glimpses of warm temps here and there, but they are mostly just a tease.

But if I’m thinking spring, I’m thinking about the new pieces I want to add to my wardrobe to freshen things up a bit.  My old classics come out from year to year, but a couple of new items always make me feel updated and on trend.

The straw bag trend is still going strong.  It was huge last summer and I’m so glad to see it back again.  A couple of styles I’ve been eyeing up are different varieties of last year’s cage bag and the new round shape for this year.

I LOVED this cage bag from last season, but couldn’t justify paying the hefty price tag for a very seasonal and very trendy bag.

As luck would have it, it’s back and I found a close dup on Amazon for around $40!?  The reviews were stellar and it is gorgeous!

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 10.44.36 AM

It is so beautiful and well made in person and I can’t wait to carry it.  Essentially, it’s a work of art in my hands!  Below is the one I bought.  I purchased the larger size because I usually need the extra space, but I’m sure the smaller size is just as good.  It also came with a little note, a bookmark and a scarf…a nice, personal touch.

You may be wondering about losing or seeing your inside contents.  My plan is to put all of my money, cards, cell phone, lipstick, etc. in a smaller pouch that will safely tuck inside the bag.  Obviously it’s not your practical, everyday bag to lug around everywhere you go.  This one’s for dinner dates and nights on the town.


I’m also into the round straw bags I’ve been seeing all over the fashion blogs.  Below I spotted a few images on Pinterest that show the trend, but I purchased this one from Zara about a month ago.  It’s their Round Raffia Basket Bag and its under $50.  I love that it has the cross body strap, but the question is….do I really need two summer bags in a similar style?

Zara’s image of mine….


What do you think?  Keep or no?

DSC_0584 (1)

It is really cute….

Zara also had this fun cage bag that’s new to the website.


Thoughts? Are you a fan of the summer straw bag? I’d love to hear….

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