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Summer Bucket List ~ Plus All the Projects I Hope to Accomplish

Oh, summer. You are my absolute favorite time of year for many reasons. First and foremost - I love having this time away from my job to get all the sh*t done that is partly neglected throughout the year. And in a close second - I just love wearing sundresses and flip flops!

I know I have been terrible with blogging, but becoming more regular on here is definitely high on my summer to-do list. It occurred to me the other day that this post will be a great place to start - having it allllll written down and published, as a way to make myself accountable. So without going on and on about it anymore, here is a bucket list for summer, plus the list that I want every item checked off by mid-August.


~ Yard Sale (goes along with the first item on the list below)

~ Trip to the Finger Lakes - I used to go up to visit these wineries frequently, but I haven't been there in years. We are planning a trip up there soon and I can't wait!

~ Family Beach Trip to the Outer Banks (a place that I've never been)

~ Strawberry picking in June

~ Set a day to make the homemade pasta and sauce from the recipes we learned during the cooking class in Florence. We did this once already and it was so delicious. Totally brought back all the feels.

~ Frequent Happy Hours on the deck with our crew - the kids love doing this! I call it "Happy Hour on the Veranda" to sound fancy. The kids open a bottle of sparkling lemonade or grape juice to split and pour their drinks in plastic stemmed glasses.

~ Plan more Sunday Day Dates to local places with J when we are sans kids.

~ Mother/daughter trip to Florida to see my cousin and her cute family. P can't wait!

~ Entertain a little more - Entertaining is something I LOVE to do, but it's been on a serious hiatus due to COVID. I can't wait to ramp that up again and have friends over for informal cookouts...the best kind!

~ Take on more clients with my design business -

~ Blog frequently! I want to try and get on a more frequent posting schedule to offer more content on interiors, cooking and entertaining.

~ Last, I want to just be. Read, hang with my family and favorite dog, workout more, and enjoy our home.


~ Clean out the garage and organize it. The goal is to get my car back inside for winter.

~ Paint the front door - inside and out. It needs to be freshened up and I am still undecided on a color.

~ Begin work on the kids' bathroom - this will be a series of posts and the kids are super excited!

~ Organize all drawers (again) - this happens every summer and I'm unclear how they get to be such a giant mess throughout the year...

~ Begin to develop a design for our primary bedroom refresh - nothing crazy, but it needs something. I may paint the room, switch out the bedding, add window treatments and hang some art.

That about wraps it up (for now). I'm always super busy each and every day in the summer, and I can't wait to get started!

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