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The Perfect Dress for a wedding…..

Ok, so I’m not a fashion blogger per se and I sometimes feel a little weird posting pictures of myself on here, but these dresses from Amazon are too good not to share.

We were invited to attend the wedding of J’s coworker last night.  Since the bride and the groom are of the Indian culture, I wanted to wear something long and flowing.  I was pretty sure that most of the females would be donned in their traditional Indian dresses, and I was right. I saw amazing dresses in all colors and styles.  They were mostly long and colorful with lots of jewels adorning the fabric.  I also knew that April nights could be a little chilly, so I chose a dress with sleeves as I am ALWAYS cold.

After searching multiple stores and websites with no luck, I thought I would give Amazon a try.  Oh my gosh!  Totally worth it.  I ordered these three dresses and the two I didn’t wear are going back.  But let me preface by saying it was not an easy choice.  It was down to the teal blue and the purple at the last moment.  I liked the fitted top of the blue dress because I thought it would fit well under my moto jacket, but the purple just felt better on.  The first one was pretty and very comfortable, but it was so long that it needed to be hemmed and I’m not a fan of a tie back dress.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 12.49.52 PM
Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 12.51.57 PM

Best part — each dress was under $50!  Mine was under $25.  Deal!  I ordered a small in each style.  Right now I am a true 4, so the small in each fit perfect.

Shoes — that’s another issue for me.  I have been having a difficult time finding comfortable shoes to wear since my surgery.  Super high heels just don’t make the cut.  After walking around DSW about fifty million times and trying on every neutral strappy sandal, I went a different route with these Vince Camuto snake skin mules.  The actually are quite comfortable and they don’t rub my heel.


The updated cut of a mule and the unassuming animal print worked well for me and pulled the outfit all together. I am usually between and 8.5/9, but the 8.5 fit perfectly.  And J even coordinated with a purple tie! It was a beautiful night celebrating a beautiful couple.  xo

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