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Trend: Cane Furniture, Accessories, Etc…

It’s been over a week since my elbow surgery and I can finally ‘semi-function’ without the drudgery of the huge brace/wrap that I endured while healing. I still have a while to go with recovery, but being able to use both hands is bliss.

And in case you missed my most recent posts, I talked about my new business here and the cool project I am working on here. My new website is currently in the works as I type this, and progress with new clients is stalled for a slight bit because of my condition. That said, I’m so excited to start taking on projects soon!

Today’s post is about a trend that I’m seeing all over the place…caned decor that includes furniture, accessories, lighting, etc. I know you’ve seen it….it’s the light and airy woven material that is often used on chair seats and backs, as well as on the faces of dresser drawers. My mom (still has) a chair that has lived in their home for years, and it’s still going strong.

The other day I was thumbing through the new Crate and Barrel catalog and a few of their items caught my eye. From chairs, to tables, to even baby cribs…so, so pretty. I really love how the caning adds such a warm texture to the pieces.

Serena and Lily also has some cool pieces, very similar to Crate and Barrel’s items. I LOVE the daybed!

This look is a rather traditional style, but I feel that it complements well with styles such as boho, mid century modern, and chinoiserie. I’ve also recently found cool club chairs and other items on Facebook Marketplace that would elevate the vibe of any space without the investment.

My take:

For me, I wanted to start small so the other day I picked up this piece at Hobby Lobby. Technically, I think it’s a candle holder, but I would definitely add fresh flowers to it using a smaller mason jar inside to hold the water. The beauty of smaller accessories is that you can latch on to any trend and engage in the fresh styles without the expense of big ticket items. And as I said before, don’t forget to check sources such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace too!

Thoughts? Love it or hate it? Or, meh? xo

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