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Trend: Floral Dress | white sneakers

With summer around the corner and spring on the verge of popping, I am forever looking for ways to transition from colder weather to transitioning temps.  You know those days where it could be 35 degrees in the morning and 70 degrees in the afternoon?  Sometimes it’s just a little too chilly to wear open-toed shoes when it’s just above freezing.  That’s where this trend comes in…floral dresses (or any dress) and white sneakers.

I have been loving this look because it screams comfort.  I live in dresses all summer long, so paired with a comfy sneaker…sign me up.

The other day I picked up these Adidas sneakers.  They have clean lines and are not too bulky.  There’s adequate padding and arch support, and the backs of my heels stay in place.  I purchased an 8.5.  Normally I wear a 9 in sneakers because I like lots of toe room, but this size fit me best.  I gathered a few images from Pinterest to showcase what I’m talking about.  We are traveling overseas this summer and I plan to do a LOT of walking, so pieces like these will be taking up the most room in my suitcase.

Thoughts on this trend?

Images via WhoWhatWear

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